FiddleFest 2011

FiddleFest 2011

The VFS Executive Board and Instructors of the 2011 FiddleFest would like to send a HUGE thank you to Paul Gatien, Leah DeForrest and Todd Hooge (Hooge Studios) for the amount of hours, hard work and dedication they spent making our Instructors Showcase Concert sound heavenly and run so smoothly. It did not go unnoticed and we THANK YOU!


Participants and instructors praise the 2011 FiddleFest:

Just wanted to express my thanks for our tickets for the instructor showcase on the weekend. Callum and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!! We had to zip out a bit early as we had another engagement to attend but wanted to say a huge thanks. And thanks to Daniel for the mention of our support…we always appreciate that! A big pat on your back for a really well organized weekend…I think everyone had an awesome time!  Kanoux

Thanks Ceri! I had a blast from start to finish. What an awesome crew of young players. Really great to play and hang with them all. Thanks again. – Trent

Thank YOU Ceri – plus all the board and members who helped make Fiddlefest happen. I truly appreciate the teaching opportunity you created for me. My experience of the event was completely positive. The food was first class – thank you Angela et al. Everything ran totally smooth and in the groove for me – good organizing you! It was really good to have Mike troubleshooting and directing traffic in the first half of the day. The concert venue was perfect and good work getting the sound folks there to give us a good soundcheck and concert. The only suggestion I have is feedback from a few folks I spoke with at the dance. A number of them wished it was a friendlier space – one with warm lighting and better acoustics.

PS: Please forward this to any board members or Fiddlefest helpers. Thanks everyone!! – Calvin

I just wanted to thank you for a fantastic weekend of workshops etc. The VFS is so warm and inviting and it was a pleasure to take part in the weekend. I really appreciate being invited to take part. Sincerely, Roxanna

The instructors showcase concert on Saturday was really great. If it was available on a CD, I’d buy one for sure. Cheers, Ed

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