Louise Deschamps

Violin/Fiddle/Electric Violin

Originally from New Caledonia, Louise Deschamps was born and raised until adolescence in Noumea. Her early years on the instrument were founded primarily in Classical music style at The Music Conservatory of New Caledonia.

After immigrating to Vancouver Island, BC Canada Louise became a versatile violinist/fiddler after she enrolled in a 4 year program in Classical and Jazz for violin under symphonic orchestra maestro Marlin Wolfe +multi instrumental virtuoso musician Daniel Lapp ; and voice under Sheila Sommerville and Teresa Mc Quarrie with the vocal jazz group choir and Malaspina choir at Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo BC Canada.

With on-going experiences and exposure to a diversity of Worldwide Cultural Music Genres, Louise continues to guide, counsel, perform and share with others her passion and her broad knowledge for this soulful art form. Her musical journey has led her to connect and play with wonderful musicians and groups from: New Caledonia, Canada BC, Algeria, Brazil and Latin South America.

Louise welcomes students of all ages, of all levels, of all musical backgrounds, who will expand throughout a selection of World music styles along with their Technique Fundamentals.

World Music Styles provided are the following: Latin/Afro-Brazilian/ Reggae/ Calypso/ Mediterranean/ New Age/ Techno/ Middle.Eastern/ French Popular Musettes/ Jazz/ Blues/ Gospel/ Celtic/ Old Time/ Classical and many other.

Students will be shown how to study efficiently, how to positively face music challenges and how to stay inspired through it all. Through various approaches and insights such as Sight-reading training, Ear-training and Tactile-training, one will explore and learn the fundamentals of the music language. You will discover how to become effortless, creative, dedicated, passionate and ultimately how to become artistically expressive. Just like any other spoken language,you will be able to develop and expand your vocabulary skills in music and on the instrument.

Louise currently provides music lessons at the Westshore Music Academy

#134 – 1039 Langford Pkwy City of Langford Victoria, V9B 0A5

Telephone:250 532 0228
E-mail: westshoremusicacademy@shaw.ca

To sign up for music lessons with Louise, you can book directly with the Westshore Music Academy.

She also offers private music lessons at students homes all year long for all ages levels and backgrounds.

If you wish to sign up for private music lessons at your home, you can reach Louise at louise.deschamps@hotmail.com so she may contact you with her phone number and detailed information about the schedule and fees.

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