Paul laverick is a guitarist and ukulele player based in Victoria.

After studying at Leeds College of Music and playing with a number of bands in the UK He moved to BC in 2002.

He has performed on the ukulele for the last six years playing with Adrienne Guero, Nadine Florence, Chris Herbst, Sgt Strumalong, the Getting Higher Choir and Kimo Hussey. For the last four years he has organized Victoria Ukulele week. He teaches ukulele group classes at Larsen Music where he also runs Ensemblele.


Up to 15 ukeleles will be available for loan from Larsen Music

Beginner: We’ll learn tuning, basic chords and changes, lots of right hand techniques and a hand full of songs.

Intermediate: Picking, scale work and basic melody, more chords and songs

Advanced: Looking at Chord inversions, combining chords and melody together and developing some dynamic voicing techniques.