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Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival Winners

Congratulations to everyone who participated in and played so well at this years Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival Fiddle Section.  Qristina Bachand did an exceptional job as adjudicator.

HUGE thanks to the volunteers who continue to give their time and energy to make it happen every year.  After years of hard work and perseverance Marie Bachand stepped down as the fiddle section head last year and lucky for us Christopher and Elizabeth Litton picked up the reigns and did wonderfully … we thank you!

Large Ensemble:   Coastline

Twin Fiddle:   Eamonn Osborne & Sonya Legge

Junior Fiddle:   Noa Paster

Intermediate Fiddle:  Lucy McClung

Senior Fiddle:   Eamonn Osborne

Own Composition:   Emily Dubois

Oliver Schroer Spirit Award:   Sizzlers

B.C. Composer:  Lucy McClung

Adjudicators Choice:   Quin Etheridge-Pedden

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