Vancouver’s Sidewalk Cellist is taking classical music out of the box and shooting it into the streets. Armed with a black, carbon-fiber cello and a trusty bow, Clara Shandler plays everything from Bach to Nirvana, Jazz to Metal as part of her mission to make classical music more accessible and to bring people together through the shared experience of song. Through teaching, gigging, recording, busking, and freelancing she makes a humble living as a musician in Vancouver and gives back to the musical community of East Vancouver, Cambodia, and Burma.

Clara Shandler


Cellist Clara Shandler runs the gamut from Bach to Nirvana, Jazz to Metal. With twenty years of experience at her instrument she strives to integrate the cello in to the modern world. This workshop will focus on standard and extended techniques, skills for playing in ensembles, and if time permits – strategies for improvising and composition.