Born and bred on the Sunshine Coast, Chelsea’s fiddle upbringing was fostered by the local youth fiddle association, the Coast String Fiddlers. Chelsea studied closely with late Canadian fiddler and composer, Oliver Schroer, and has performed at music festivals all over BC with his ensemble, The Twisted String. She has taught at fiddle camps all over BC and Ontario, having become a well-known advocate for teaching Schroer’s music, as well as working with young children and arranging music for group ensembles. In addition, she has travelled to work with children in remote areas in BC’s interior and the Northwest Territories. Chelsea is the well-loved musical director for Bad to the Bow youth fiddlers, and also runs the Sunshine Coast/Lower Mainland squad of The Twisted String. Chelsea released her first CD, Simple Song, in 2010 and also produced Bad to the Bow’s first CD “The Joy of It”.


Oli Tunes: Shake up your repertoire a bit a come and experience the wacky, weird, crooked, odd-metered, and definitely NOT traditional toons of the late-great Oliver Schroer, taught by one of his very own students. To prepare yourself, you may want to have a listen to some of Schroer’s music so you know what you’re getting yourself into!