Nancy was born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and has been singing and playing instruments from early childhood. She became obsessed with Irish, Scottish and Cape Breton traditional music in the early 1990s and now spends most of her time focusing on Irish traditional fiddle. She loves to learn and share tunes with friends, has been the host of several Irish traditional sessions for over a decade, and also enjoys playing with various traditional bands.


Beginner: – aimed at fiddlers who are just learning the basics of their instrument (including learning how to hold the bow, learning where the notes are on the fiddle, and learning how to control the instrument) have very limited knowledge of Irish fiddling know fewer than 10 Irish tunes may have some ability to learn by ear.

Beginner Plus: – designed for fiddlers who are starting to feel more comfortable while playing the instrument (including holding and using the bow, being able to find the notes on the fiddle and identify them by letter name, and getting a reasonable tone) have fairly limited knowledge of Irish fiddling and want to explore the basics know fewer than 20 Irish tunes may have some ability to learn by ear.

Intermediate: – directed towards fiddlers who have some control of their fiddle, including bowing, fingering and tone have a developing repertoire of Irish tunes (20 – 100 tunes)
have some ability to learn by ear this workshop would be good for classically-trained musicians or for fiddlers who have some knowledge of other fiddle styles, but have limited knowledge of Irish fiddling.

Advanced: – designed for fiddlers who have good bowing, finger control and tone have knowledge of basic Irish style, including some ornamentation currently enjoy listening to Irish traditional music and spend time listening to solo Irish fiddlers who have a good basic repertoire of Irish tunes (100+ tunes) are able to learn easily by ear.