Neil Hammond is known for his inventive and highly-rhythmic guitar stylings and frequently inappropriate banter. A founder member of now legendary Celtic Moscow band ‘Si Mhor’, and Canadian roots act Cleia, Neil fuses his deep knowledge of folk traditions into his crafting of Thereafter’s sound and sensibilities.


Beginner DADGAD Guitar:

In this class we will look at getting you ‘out of the gates’ with the basic chords and ‘moves’ for accompanying some of the most common patterns in Irish fiddle music.  We’ll look at why and when we use DADGAD rather than standard tuning to enrich your accompaniment of bot tunes and songs. You’ll need at least a good beginner level of general guitar ability.

Intermediate DADGAD Guitar:

In this workshop we will look together at the choices we can make to add variety and provide a richer backing for fiddle music, and focus on accenting rhythm with both pick and fingers. We’ll look at how to live without the capo for your key changes so you are ready for whatever those fiddlers throw at you in a session.

FiddleFest Choir (with Keona and Neil Hammond):

Love to sing harmonies? Or think you might? Well here’s your chance with the FiddleFest Folk Choir! This workshop is about getting comfortable with harmonies and learning some new songs the old-fashioned way – by ear. No experience or music-reading abilities necessary. Just bring your enthusiasm!