Rowan Osborne

Although, he’s just 18, Rowan Osborne has been immersed in the music scene in Victoria, Canada and beyond for over 12 years. In 2005 he started playing fiddle and has not put it down since falling completely in love with the instrument. He has since won numerous awards at fiddle competitions across BC including winning the BC Provincial Twin Fiddle title with his older brother, Aidan and has won numerous awards at the Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival. He currently plays with the local band Coastline that was just nominated for 2 Canadian Folk Music Awards.

Classically trained as well, Rowan plays viola in the Greater Victoria Youth Orchestra, recently joined the Senior Orchestra at the Victoria Conservatory of Music and plays in the DeMahler Chamber Ensemble. This past summer, Rowan attended the Aberdeen International Youth Festival in Scotland with Coastline that was selected to represent Canada. He loves to share his musical passion by volunteering his time to support younger musicians and at music festivals.

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