Victoria Fiddle Society logo floats over top of a get together with music.

2012 Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival Fiddle Winners

Fiddle Section Award Winners

Intermediate Fiddle (14 years and under): Keito Bryce

Senior Fiddle (18 years and under): Wesley Hardisty

Leonard Sexsmith Trophy and Award – BC Fiddle Composer: Aidan Osborne

Frankie Rodgers Trophy and Award – Original Composition: Wesley Hardisty

Twin Fiddle: Keito Bryce and Rowan Osborne

Fiddle and Accompanist: Kieran and Elijah Marrett-Hitch

Folk Ensemble – Small: Monday Night Fiddlers (Tracy Plourde)

Folk Ensemble – Large: Conservatory Fiddles (Miriam Sonstenses)

Oliver Schroer Spirit Award: Wildflower Ensemble (Courtney Campbell)

Adjudicator’s Choice for Outstanding Performer: Wesley Hardisty

Specialty Class – Jazz/Swing: Keito Bryce

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