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Canadian Fiddling Day 2019

Saturday May 18th at Topaz Park

Join us for the Canadian Fiddling Day Jam at the Victoria Highland Games and Celtic Festival starting at 11:00 am.

The jam will take place this year to the right of the main stage near the Clan tents on the south side of the park (further away from the practicing pipe bands).

Fiddlers and others wishing to participate in the jam will receive FREE entrance into the games to play … but, first you must email Tony at to have your name added to the list.  Free entrance will be through the north (Finlayson St.) gate to Topaz Park. 

This year’s jam will be led by the renowned Ivonne Hernandez and  VFS Member Tony Lambert.

Please try to learn Canada’s Fiddling Day Two-step (or “Fiddle Bill” – referring to the passage of the Fiddling Day bill through parliament). It has a National Anthem feel to it and will be our final tune.

Canadian Fiddling Day Set List

VFS – Victoria Fiddle Society Web Site

P – Prairie Mountain Fiddlers (Session Tunes)

B# – Conservatory Fiddle Tunes Book #

         Tune                                 Key              Sheet Music Sources

(Little) Liza Jane                  A B3

Skittles at Buckley Bay       D VFS, B2

Cock O’ the North A B1

Road to Boston D B1, B3

Redwing G B2

My Cape Breton Home G P

Mairi’s Wedding           G                   B1

Scotland the Brave D P

Westphalia Waltz             G B2

Flowers of Edinburgh G    B2

Soldier’s Joy D B2

Devil’s Dream A B1

Ookpik Waltz G P

Tall Man G VFS

St. Anne’s Reel D B2

Rock Valley Jig C P

Silver & Gold Two-step D P

Caribou Shuffle G/D VFS

Houston on my Mind A P

Whiskey before Breakfast D B2

Joys of Quebec A B1

Canada’s Fiddling Day Two-step G VFS

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